PHILTRE SACRÉ Well-Aging Makeup Removal Oil  100mL

PHILTRE SACRÉ Well-Aging Makeup Removal Oil 100mL

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The olive tree, an iconic tree of the Mediterranean region, already well known for the rich taste of its fruit, is also a little known source of magical benefits for our skin.

This makeup removal oil glorifies the beautiful powers of olive oil. Its combination with desert date oil provides a silky and effective blend that removes all traces of makeup and impurities while maintaining natural skin moisture. 

After use, your skin recaptures a healthy-looking glow and softness without a greasy residue.


Organic ingredients: 82.8% and of natural origin: 99.9%.


How to Use: Warm a little oil in the palm of your hands, massage onto your dry face and eyes with wet fingers, remove residue with damp cotton, and rinse with warm water. All skin types. 

For a fresh finish, pass our lotion Pure Merveille. The cleansing ritual is an essential step to take care of its skin, which has been widely acclaimed in the Middle East. 

All skin types