SECRET NOMADE  Well-Aging Nourishing Balm 9mL

SECRET NOMADE Well-Aging Nourishing Balm 9mL

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Having survived for thousands of years in the farthest reaches of Sahara, the desert date tree is the only living soul with the miraculous ability to resist and regenerate in the most extreme conditions. The oil, extracted from its golden seeds, is rich in active ingredients that are powerful in antioxidant, moisturizing, and regenerative properties.

The centuries-old synergy between these active ingredients and the jojoba virgin oil is wonderfully revealed to you in this balm enriched with vitamin E.

Fortified by this treatment, your skin will instantly regain its comfort, suppleness, softness, and firmness.


How to Use: Apply to all small dry areas of body and face.

Perfectly hygienic, this roll-on will bring you comfort and intense hydration. 


All skin types.