Day Cycle Ultra-Moisturizing Fluid

Day Cycle Ultra-Moisturizing Fluid

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Rich, continuous skin nourishment - this ultra-moisturizing**, protecting and soothing fluid, infused with vegetal derived, high molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, improves skin softness, firmness and natural radiance continually through the day. Ideal for use in the morning after shaving, as an all-around face soother and moisturizer. Contains no alcohol. 

Contains the Urban Shield® exclusive patented complex for maximum daily protection. 

** of outer layers of the skin

The Day Cycle

The Day Cycle is part of the 66°30 Care Line:

  • A unique concentration of active ingredients (76 to 88%), 4 to 5 times as much as in a standard product

  • A combination of benefits from more than 20 plants from protected French and European biotopes

  • All products feature the Urban Shield®, an exclusive patented synergistic complex of 6 plant extracts, providing a protective barrier against the environmental aggressors our skin is assualted by each day.