Night Cycle Anti-Aging Regenerating Complex

Night Cycle Anti-Aging Regenerating Complex

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For any guy seeing the first signs of aging, or in the throes of it, give this cream a go. The goal is to repair skin while you sleep for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Ingredients  like vegetal low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate deliver intense hydration and naturally-derived extracts help accelerate cellular renewal. It also includes a synergistic complex called the Urban Shield®, which is essentially a barricade against stress and environmental aggressors. Just remember—use it consistently for best and visible results. 

When and how to use 

At night, after cleansing, apply all over the face. 


The Extreme Cycle

The Extreme Cycle is part of the 66°30 Care Line:

  • A unique concentration of active ingredients (76 to 88%), 4 to 5 times as much as in a standard product

  • A combination of benefits from more than 20 plants from protected French and European biotopes

  • All products feature the Urban Shield®, an exclusive patented synergistic complex of 6 plant extracts, providing a protective barrier against the environmental aggressors our skin is assualted by each day.