66°30 is the angle of inclination of the Earth and the origin of the seasons. It’s also an award-winning skincare line made specifically for the modern, urban man who understands the importance of skincare. Their formulas are serious (clean, high-performing and among the highest concentration in organic ingredients on the market) and go straight after lines, wrinkles, excessive oil and more. For men who want skin that’s healthy, youthful and strong.

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Best beauty secret?

Sleep well, eat well and be kind toward myself and the people around me.

Guilty pleasure?

Take a break in the morning to have a “café au lait” and a croissant at a café next to my house in Paris.


Favorite tv series of all time?

“The Love Boat”! This is so kitsch and the music reminds me of when I was a child.

“The Golden Girls”, the first series I saw when I arrived in the USA on a summer exchange (I was 15 years old).

What celebrity would play the role of you in the story of your life?

Definitely Robert Redford! For his talent and his personal activism.

Favorite hero product in your line and why?

The Precision Cycle – 3-in1 Eye Contour. I use it every single morning after shower.It makes me feel good and start each day with optimism and kindness.