Anti-Wrinkle Brightening C-erum

Anti-Wrinkle Brightening C-erum

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You won’t find this high of a concentration of stabilized vitamin C anywhere else –15%. Along with important skin-balancing ingredients, this powerhouse serum works its antioxidant magic on dull, uneven, spotty complexions, as well as those with fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C is known to brighten tone, even texture, reduce pore size and smooth lines through the stimulation of collagen. We say, glow for it—your skin will thank you.

When & How To Use

Apply morning and night, after cleansing, to dry skin—face, undereye, neck, and décolleté. See even greater results when you follow with Instytutum’s Xceptional Flawless Cream or C-Illuminating 3D Moisturizer.