Kester Black is a really cool brand that makes even cooler nail color. Committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients and choosing organic whenever possible, they were the first to create a water-based remover and recently switched to a water-permeable, breathable formula. Beyond all of this amazingness, they’re 10-free, which means they leave out 10 of the most toxic ingredients commonly found in standard polishes. Check out their colorful range of shades—Pinot Noir is 100 on toes.

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What’s the first thing you read each morning?

My emails! We work a lot with stores in Europe so it’s exciting to see what’s been happening in the EU overnight.

Best beauty secret?

Use a non-oily nail polish remover to wipe your nails clean before applying any nail polish. It removes the natural oil from your nails and will make your manicure last a lot longer.

Guilty pleasure?

Coconut rice

What celebrity would play the role of you in the story of your life?

Alicia Vikander, mainly because of her role in Tomb Raider. I fancy myself as a modern day adventurer, flying fighter jets, riding motorbikes and handling firearms. (Can you tell I grew up in the country?!).

Favorite hero product in your line and why?

Kester Black’s Pow Wow liquid lipstick. We haven’t launched it yet but keep your eyes peeled! It’s the best, no-stress lippy I have ever tried.